George Harrison’s humour

He was elusive for me such a long time. Spiritual, guitarist and gardener, movie Mogul and more.

As a beginning Beatlesfan I left his Gone Troppo album for more than a year in the lp tray of my local “Van der Meulen” record store, the cover was too confusing, that could be just a blurry album. It turned out to be very accessible, just not very fashionable.

His humor is of a special kind, Python fan from the first broadcast. Cynically from time tot time, even morbid, always British, often silly.

The patience in some Practical Jokes to giggle, a few examples. The supergroup of the Traveling Wilburys made two albums, volume 1 & volume 3. A well known Dutch tv presenter managed to recall in a column that he had all three records. Also, many innocent fans are still hunting for the hard-to-find volume 2!

Phil Collins got to do with George’s Practical Jokes. At the end of the last century poor Phil received a tape from George with an accompanying letter. “Here you finally have your recordings of “All Things Must Pass.” “I’ve been able to filter them out, unfortunately it was originally swallowed by the mix in the full production of Phil Spector. ” Collins made a small jump for joy before he went to listen. He had proudly told in several interviews that he had collaborated on this legendary album.

When he heard it he was shocked. The percussion parts sounded awful! What Phil did not know that George had made this recording fresh in his studio, and it was intentially badly played.

The quest for God in many ways, George was amazing to combine with the earthly. In a pub where he came regularly, a somewhat drunk regular told him that Beatle George came often to this pub. “No, not the real one?” was Harrison’s comment, grinning and sipping from a pint of Guiness.

A scene in the 1970s. George as a hippie with beard, long hair and Krishna robe. Beside him Ravi Shankar, the Sitar player, also exotic and beside him Peter Sellers, the “Pink Panther” actor. They roam joyfully together from the roller coaster in Disney World.

The sign standing at his Friar Park. In 10 languages : “Private grounds, no access.” Each country had their flag printed on the sign. For the Americans a simple; Get your ass out’a here!”



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